Some Bunny is turning one!

Saturday, March 30, 2024
11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
M Grill

3832 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 202, Los Angeles, CA 90010

We are excited to celebrate Emma’s 1st birthday! We know her birthday is months away, but we wanted to get a headcount for the event. We hope you can make it!


Emma’s Doljabi

Doljabi (돌잡이) is a Korean custom and fun activity during doljanchi (돌잔치) to bless and predict a baby’s future. Emma will be placed in front of several items and encouraged to choose one. The item she chooses is believed to foretell her future. Guests will be able to place their name in a container of the item that they think Emma will choose. After she chooses her item, a winning ticket from that container will be chosen. This event will be contingent on Emma’s mood.

  • Yarn – Long Life (If Chosen: your child will live a long life and is extremely resilient in countering illness.)
  • Money – Wealth (If Chosen: your child will live in abundance without lack and will be blessed financially..)
  • Microphone – Entertainer (If Chosen: your child will be a celebrity and have good influence on people.)
  • Stethoscope – Doctor (If Chosen: your child may have a heart for saving lives and look into a career in the field of medicine.)
  • Pencil – Scholar (If Chosen: your child has a strong inclination for stories, writing, and imagining, and may turn out to become a repeat New York Times bestseller. )
  • Mouse – Programmer/Software Engineer (If Chosen: your child has  a natural knack for technology, computer engineering, and competitive e-gaming, and may develop a revolutionary start-up that will increase the quality of life to most across the globe.)

Birthday Wishlist

While no gifts are necessary, we appreciate any funds toward Emma’s future!

If you were considering the purchase of a gift for the occasion, please consider making a gift contribution to Emma Kim’s 529 college savings account instead. This is a special account we opened to help save for Emma Kim’s college expenses. We can’t think of a more meaningful gift than helping Emma make the dream of college possible.

Make a Gift Contribution at UGift529
Emma’s code: 99F-J9C

Know Before You Go

M Grill Brazilian Steakhouse is located in Koreatown. The address is 3832 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 202, Los Angeles, CA 90010. Enter the parking lot on Western Ave. Parking is valet only for $6 in the rear.

While no gifts are necessary, we appreciate any funds toward Emma’s future.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.